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A Tale of Four Seas in One Season

Many of you know that, for a time, I lived in a little cottage high on a hilltop in Bermuda and we still have ties to the island. I am pretty sure a little piece of my soul still lives there.

In June, my son and I traveled to Bermuda to visit a friend who loves the ocean as much we do. My son had just graduated high school and is now beginning university to study Marine Biology. We spent hours and hours in the ocean. Seriously, this is my kind of research!

A photo of Kimberley Eddy free diving in Eastern Blue Cut, Bermuda amongst the coral reef
Freediving in Bermuda

I did many sketches depicting this #Bermudaful island. You can check some of them out.

We attended an art show opening at the Bermuda Society of Arts, which is located in the beautiful City Hall building. Whilst there, I dropped off some work that was included in the Summer Members' Show. I have a few pieces available at the gallery. The next time you are in Bermuda, have a look!

This beauty of a building houses City Hall, Bermuda Society of Arts, and the National Gallery of Bermuda
Bermuda Society of Arts in the City Hall and Arts Centre, Hamilton, Bermuda

So proud to have my mixed media paintings included in this group art show at Bermuda Society of Arts
These two were included in the Summer Members' Show, Bermuda Society of Arts, Bermuda

Next up was quick trip to the family cottage on Youghall Beach, New Brunswick. This beach has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

some of the very best sunsets I have seen have been on Youghall Beach, Bathurst, New Brunswick
Sunset on Youghall Beach, Bathurst, New Brunswick

I managed to do some painting with my travel art kit whilst here. I have a growing collection of works on paper, including this one of Youghall Beach. I have been experimenting with this toned paper and quite like the result.

Seascape painting of Youghall Beach, Bathurst, New Brunswick by Kimberley Eddy
Painting of Youghall Beach, Bathurst, New Brunswick

Next up was a trip to Prince Edward Island for the last of our yearly soccer tournaments. Our daughter aged out a couple of years ago, and this year marked the last time our son will be eligible to play. This year, we even managed to check out Lakeside Beach; a new beach for us. The red sand looks so pretty. The water was warm and inviting. Check out the huge sand dunes!

I love how the colour of the sand impacts how we perceive the colour of the water. This is sweet Kona Kai swimming at one of my favourite little spots; Fox Point Beach, Nova Scotia. Look how different the water appears just because of the sand colour.

Speaking of pretty sand, these two new resin beaches are now available at Made in the Maritimes. I have incorporated a touch of purified sand into each painting. It enhances the textural feel and coastal vibe. Click the photos below to learn more about them or for purchasing information.

I also was able to participate in a fun summer group show at Argyle Fine Art Gallery in Halifax this August. The Picnics and Potlucks Show was full of beautiful art and yummy summer recipes from the artists. These cheeseboards were included in the show. I use an FDA approved food safe resin, so you do not have to worry about loading them up with food! (These are both SOLD.)

Resin Ocean Agate on Bamboo Cheeseboards
Ocean Agate Cheeseboards

I finished up the summer with a trip to our family cottage in Hubbards, Nova Scotia. There is no wifi, no data, and no TV, but there was plenty of family, sunshine and nature. It was just what we all needed before all the busyness of fall set in.

I brought my travel art kit along with some tiny canvases and painted these little cuties along with 4 more, just in time for the opening of Made in the Maritimes latest location; a seasonal shop in a shipping container at the Halifax Seaport Market. It's the cutest little shop ever!

Little seascape paintings of sunrises and sunsets
Two of the Six Little Paintings for Made in the Maritimes New Seaport Market Location

Kayaking is data free
Digital Detox

I immersed myself in water and nature, and had a really good digital detox by the time I got back home. I was recharged and ready to finish up some work for an upcoming show.

KIMZ*MET is a show about 3 Kims who met at Argyle Fine Art Gallery. As described by the gallery, "The word "kismet" means destiny or fate, and so it seemed fitting! We are celebrating what has brought these three "Kims" together and their unique bodies of work-but they each tell interesting stories about connections."

This body of work of mine includes acrylic and ink on paper, sketchbook musings, seashells, and aerial perspectives of resin, pigments and sand. By using a multitude of media, I hope to represent Nova Scotian and Bermudian coastal moments from a variety of angles to unite my history with my present day, my travels with my home. For the first time ever, one of my sketchbooks will be available for purchase.

KIMZ*MET opens on Friday, September 13th 6:30-8:30pm at Argyle Fine Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

There will be art, wine and refreshments...and KIMS!

I hope you'll join us!

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