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Painting, Planting, and Presenting

Now that it is mid-January, and we have all settled back into our routines, I though it might be a good time to catch you up on what has been going on with me.


Back in November, I had another Resin Workshop at Argyle Fine Art Gallery. It was a packed event. We had so much fun creating bamboo and resin cheeseboards together. Just look at all those unique cheeseboards! Didn't they do a beautiful job? Part of the fun for me is to see what each person creates. It is interesting to see the colours that everyone chooses. The tape is still on the edges in the photo. We do that to protect from drips and overflows during the pouring process.



Also in November, I was asked to talk to a group of students from NSCAD University about Art and Entrepreneurship. We chatted a lot about writing a Business Plan and how to use Mind Mapping to focus in on creating Goals with an Actionable Plan.

One of the things we covered in the presentation was the idea that there are so many opportunities to use art in creative ways to develop new products. Did you know that I have various items like phone cases, duvet covers, and leggings available? Oh, and BAGS!

I use my tote as a beach bag, a travel bag, a shopping bag, a purse. Here I am using it at the beach.

These are made in Canada with my art printed on them. They are made of a super stretchy neoprene fabric with a sturdy adjustable shoulder strap. If you would like to know more or get one of these versatile bags for yourself, you can order one here.



In December, just before the holidays, I delivered a collection of wavey resin works to Made in the Maritimes.I sculpted, painted, and poured on ROUND raised wood panels and I love the curvy look. They range in size from 6" to 16" and they are ready to hang on your wall.

See how shiny they are? You can see more details and shop for them here.

I just get lost in the details sometimes.



Every year in January, artists gather from far and wide to create tiny art for a big show at Argyle Fine Art Gallery. Each artwork must be created as a 4"x5", and every year the submissions come in by the hundreds. It is a sight to behold on opening night. The gallery is jam packed with art lovers who want to see the walls covered in little 4x5's. Here is a sneak peek at my six submissions for this year's show. The show opens on January 24th at 7-9pm. This much-loved show turns a sweet 16 this year!

Working small presents a unique set of challenges. It is tough to squeeze all the wavey details into such a small space. I love the end result.

Because of their diminutive 4x5 size, by comparison the depth of 1.5" makes them look like little chunks of oceany goodness. I had so much fun photographing this Pre-Shrunk Collection.



You know that I love tropical ocean, but did you know that I adore tropical plants too? As a child, I would draw jungle foliage and dream of living inside a climate controlled biosphere. (Yeah, I still hold onto that dream a little in the winter.) The thing is, until recently, I couldn't keep foliage alive. I may finally be growing a green thumb though. Both of my "kids" are full of great advice.

That prayer plant above, on the left, belonged to my grandmother, who did have a green thumb. She gave me a clipping when I moved out on my own, many moons ago. It is the one plant that I have managed to keep alive over the years. It inspired the leafy painting pictured below. It's an oldy, but still a favourite of mine.

I always thought the leaves reminded me of a croton plant. See below. I finally got one. I love how the leaves are all different. The bromeliad sadly didn't make it. I don't think I am ready for such fancy plants yet.

My first painting of 2020 was inspired by tropical plants and trees, and water, of course. I just kind of let my paintbrush do what it wanted to.

The zippered pouch and pencil case that are pictured here with this painting are also available for purchase. Here and Here. You can use them for just about anything, from makeup to electronics, but I use them for storing my travel art kit, which I actually used to create this lush little art.



I am feeling honoured to have been invited to participate in WILD. Artist, Shelagh Duffet, has joined 10 of us together in this group show in support of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust's "Save the Wild Blue" campaign. We are raising awareness and funds to protect 575 acres of urban wildlands from development. You can read more about the project here.

It's going to be a beautiful show. Are you coming? Opening reception is Feb 8, 12-4pm at the Chase Gallery, Halifax. The show will run until February 28th.



One of our favourite family activities is hiking. There is always great conversation in the car on the drive to the trail head, followed by the exercise of climbing over boulders, scrub, or beach rocks, fresh salt air and coastal scenery. Nothing clears your head better. Here are a few photos from some recent hikes. That second magical photo was taken at Polly's Cove, one of our favourite hiking trails.


Art and Inspo Updates

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